Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creative Space Revamp

So... I got a wild hair around the beginning of January and decided to completely redo my craft area, in hopes that I would purge and get the stash down to managable (ie: usable) proportions, I would be able to FIND stuff, and I would actually USE stuff since I'd able to find it! Along the way I also rediscovered some items I had forgotten I owned, found some things I thought were lost, and made my room much more functional for me to use. I have yet to decide on a paint color for the walls, but that will come with time.

The biggest decision I made was to get rid of almost all the plastic storage I was using, as some of it was close to 15 years old and in need of replacement. I decided to go with the Jetmax cube storage system hits time around, as not only is it an attractive system, it's locally available to me at Michael's and Craft Warehouse. I would have loved to go to Ikea and shop, but it's probably a good thing that the closest store to me is approx. 2.5 hours away. The Jetmax storage was on sale in January, since that seems to be National Clean and Reorganize month in the US, so I purchased almost all of my items for 50% off. The other signifacant purchase was a labelmaker and a couple rolls of labels, so that I could label everything as it was given a new home. I have yet to finish the labeling of the plastic crawers, but the Jetmax is almost compeltely labeled at this point.

The hardest part was emptying the entire room; I somehow filled up a large share of the rest of the house doing this. The only things left in the room at that point were the entertainment center and the three tables in the center of the room. I debated whether or not to replace my worktable, which is my hubby's old PC table (from like 15 years ago!), but in the end I decided that that the reasons I like using that table outweighed what was annoying me about it. The other two tables are my mom's old dining room table and our old dining room table, which are both very sturdy and great for spreading out on and providing space for friends to come over and play. My hubby normally uses one for his R/C airplane building and repair unless I need the space for visitors, which is a good working arrangement and allows us both to work on our hobbies in harmony.

One of my frustrations with my previous set-up was the irritaion involved with using the Cricut and Cuttlebug, as the table I had them on somehow ended up as the catch-all for everything when I was clearing off my desk to work on a project. I have a smaller, easy to use, area dedicated to them now, with drawers holding dies, embossing folders, cartridges, etc. directly underneath. So much better!!!

My mists, masks, and templates were not easy to use previously, but I found this great wall storage at Michael's and it holds my misting products perfectly. Directly underneath is a basket holding masks and templates, and my canvases are behind the basket. I discovered that I have way more misting products than I thought (bad me!), but am using them now that I can see them.

These pictures were taken before I finished the entire space, but they give a good idea of some of the changes I made. This area used to consist of plastic drawers, which I've mostly done away with at this point. I decided to keep the smaller drawer storage sitting on the cubes, as they are organized and I haven't found a Jetmax equivalent that works as well for this purpose.

More pictures to come in a future post....

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